Starting the New Future

Starting the New Future

Game Cafe entering the future of merging Brick and Mortar with Online

What will the landscape of retail be in 5 years?  20 Years? 


We believe the future of retail is integrating physical locations fully to an online world.  Currently there are point of sale (POS) systems that are good at online sales, and there are POS systems that are good at physical stores.  None do both very well without a lot of work and extra effort, but that is exactly what we have done and what Game Cafe will continue to do.  We plan to stay with the future of retail so we can continue to grow with the industry.


Entering the future is a process, and we need our valued customers to give us positive feedback on what they see and how they use this new site.  We are still available to help you with research and choices in what you want to play and what you want to find.  The software allows you to browse "Everything" in the store. The future of retail allows customers to do more, and allows Game Cafe to do more.


Now Customers can:

1)  Browse to see what we have that you may not have noticed before.

2)  Look for what you want and verify you can get it same day by dropping in an picking it up.

3)  Reserve items for in store pickup.

4)  Support your local store so we can grow for you.


Now Game Cafe can:

1)  Reach a larger audience.

2)  Update pricing for a global market.

3)  Better allocate inventory.

4)  Provide a better reference resource for specialty games and accessories.


We realize the internet is not a price war, but it is a service war.  Sometimes our prices will be lower than the internet marketplace, and sometimes they will be higher, but we will always strive to have the best service and product knowledge.  You need to spend money where you play to reinvest in the local gaming community, and this new platform will allow you convenience so you can spend more time playing games and enjoying the hobby!


Best wishes from all of us at Game Cafe!